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Jovian Mandagie aka JM

It is so true..

Ever since he launched his RTW for Eid-ul-Fitr this year, I can’t stop looking at the collection. The collection is like so enchanting and mesmerizing…

I’ve blog-ed about this previously; where I didn’t manage to secure the one I need for Eid-ul-Fitr this year (here) but managed to get another one, simple yet give you the room to be creative :) This one is known as Javiera by JM

Just after the above one I owned, I’ve purchased another one from Zalora too. This is Jayla by JM (in Lylac), to me, can be worn in few different occasions :) Originally, I bought it in Navy, however due to defect, I have to change it to this colour. It’s pretty and has more softer look <3

Eid-ul-Fitr has ended. But……………..the fever is still there.


1. Zalora still selling the pieces from previous collection

2. JM announced another RTW collection for Eid-ul-Adha :)

This round, JM organized pre-order!! Yes!! 

So, I have  secured my 3rd piece…Here it is, Jetta by JM <3

Wait? There is going to be another batch! Yeah!! Am speechless :D

So, as I am typing the entry here, I have secured this beauty Jovanita by JM :)

Still..the evil inside me ask me to get this one also.. 5th piece of Jovian’s RTW ….. presenting Jameela :)

Well…what to do? I love the collections and I would get at least one design one colour if I have extra money :) 

Cute or scary? (Taken with Instagram)

Nurich Lacto-Lite ❤ Really ease my digestion problem. Contact me for more detail :) (Taken with Instagram)

My first photobook :) (Taken with Instagram)

Baby & Ummi (Taken with Instagram)

My sister (Taken with Instagram)

New dress 💚❤❤💚😃 (Taken with Instagram)

Waiting for bus (Taken with Instagram)

Late night dessert :) (Taken with Instagram)

Fish teppanyaki :) (Taken with Instagram)

Mr. Teppanyaki @ Times Square (Taken with Instagram)

Dessert :) (Taken with Instagram)

Dinner at Wau Penyu, Solaris (Taken with Instagram)

Quenched my thirst :) (Taken with Instagram)

My name is Sunshine :) (Taken with Instagram)